County Office Locations

Union County government officially resides in four separate buildings along the Route 45 corridor in Union County.

Union County CourthouseThe Union County Courthouse

The Union County Courthouse is located at 103 South Second Street, at the coroner of South Second and St. Louis Streets in downtown Lewisburg, one block south of the Market Street business district.  The parking at the Courthouse as well as in the neighborhood is limited. Be mindful of on-street parking restrictions.

Union County Government CenterThe Union County Government Center

The Union County Government Center is located in East Buffalo Township just west of   Lewisburg Borough. The Government Center is located north of Market Street (Route 45) on North 15th Street. Heading north on 15th Street from Market Street, turn left into the driveway on your left for the Government Center with an illuminated blue sign for the Union County Government Center.

Union County Social Services CenterThe Union County Social Services Center

The Union County Social Services Building is owned by the Union County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities. The Union County Social Services Center is located at 1610 Industrial Boulevard adjacent to the Union County Government Center. Industrial Boulevard runs parallel to and is north of  Route 45/Market Street. Industrial Boulevard may be accessed via North 15th Street, 16th Street, or St. Mary Street.

Mifflinburg County Office CenterThe Mifflinburg County Office Center

The Mifflinburg County Office Center is in the middle of the downtown business district of Mifflinburg between Second and Third Streets at 343 Chestnut Street (Route 45). It is the former Mifflinburg Bank building. There is a county parking lot accessible via the alley from Second Street behind the building.