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Polling Place instructions

A step-by-step introduction to your polling place and the voting process

1. No person when within the polling place shall electioneer or solicit votes for any political party, political body or candidate, nor shall any written or printed matter be posted up within the said room, except as required by law.

2. Your Voter Registration Identification Card can be used for proof of voting eligibility.

3. When entering the polls, the Election Officials at the table may ask you your name, address, and possibly your birth date. In the Primaries you may also be asked your party affiliation.

4. After determining you are eligible to vote, you will be asked to sign your name on the certificate inside the poll book. When doing this, check your address listed. If it is incorrect tell the Official who will have you fill out the “Affirmation of Elector” form.

5.   After signing your name, you will proceed to a Ballot Marking Device and your ballot will be activated on the machine for you.

6.   START:  Press the START button located on the bottom right of the screen.

7.   Begin voting.

8.   SELECT CANDIDATES:  Make your selections by touching the circle next to candidates or questions.  To change your selection, touch the circle a second time, then make a new selection.  Navigate the ballot pages by using the directional arrows at the bottom of the screen.

9.   REVIEW YOUR CHOICES:  At the end of the ballot you will be ask to press DONE to review your ballot.  After selecting DONE you will be able to review your voting selections and make changes if needed.  To make changes press the change button and you will be returned to that race, where you can now change your selection.  When you are satisfied with all of your selections, press DONE and you will return to the review screen.

10.  PRINT BALLOT:  When you have reviewed all of your selections and have no additional changes to make touch the PRINT button at the bottom of the screen and your ballot will eject from the Ballot Marking Device printer.  Remove the ballot.

11.  Take your printed ballot to the Ballot Box scanner and scan your ballot.