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Recycling Leftover Pain

Contact the Recycling Office

Robert Huntington
Recycling Coordinator

UC Government Center
155 N 15th Street
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Hour: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Phone: (570) 524-3748
Fax: (570) 524-3850

What should I do with leftover paint?

To properly dispose of leftover paint the following are the recommended disposal options:


First – Buy only what you need and return any unopened cans. If you are at the end of a job and realize you need only a small amount to finish, exchange the unopened can for a smaller quantity.


If you do have leftover paint, use it as an undercoat, second coat, touchups, projects (fences, birdhouses, basements), offer it to a friend or neighbor, OR donate leftover paint to community groups, schools, local theater group, recreation department, sign painter, etc.

Latex Paint

Latex paint is not hazardous waste.

Latex paints are water-bases and are a safer alternative than oil-based paints. But if the paint is unusable and you must get rid of it there are things you can do.

The goal is to simply the latex paint into a non-liquid form. This can be done in one of two ways.

Let it air dry – Lift off the lid, place the can away from children and pets, and allow the water content of the paint to evaporate. Once it’s does, the semi-dry paint left in the bottom of the can may be placed in a plastic trash bag and disposed of in your regular waste pick-up.

Mix it with “kitty litter” or other absorbent – If it takes to long to evaporate the water content, you can mix the paint with an absorbent (clay based kitty liter, vermiculite, shredded newspaper, or shop “oil-dry” absorbent). This can be done in the paint can itself, if you have only a quart or so in the can, or in the plastic tray. Mix 2 to 4 cups of absorbent into each quart of paint . After the absorbent has soaked up the paint and it is no longer a liquid, dump it onto a couple layers of newspaper, wrap it up and place it in a plastic trash bag and dispose of it in your regular waste-pick-up. If you mixed the absorbent into the paint right in the can, simply place the open can and its non-liquid contents into a trash bag for disposal.