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About us

Mission Statement

As a subdivision of State government, the Union County Conservation District promotes protection, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources through education, awareness and cooperation with the public, as well as local, state and federal agencies.

Vision Statement

Union County Conservation District strives to be a leader in balancing environmental responsibility with economic opportunities.

What is a “Conservation District”?

County Conservation Districts help people and communities take care of the natural resources in their area including soil, water, wildlife, trees and other plants. Using natural resources wisely helps to ensure their availability well into the future. Conservation Districts offer technical assistance and educational guidance to land owners and managers, local governments, teachers, students and people from every walk of life. Conservation Districts can provide information and help on matters such as reducing soil erosion, protecting water quality and preventing hazardous situations such as floods.

Why were Conservation Districts created?

Pennsylvania’s conservation districts were established in 1945 when the General Assembly passed the Soil Conservation District Act, commonly known as the Conservation District Law. Conservation districts were initially established to promote the value of conserving soil and water to farmers. Today districts have evolved and become involved in almost every area of natural resource conservation imaginable. For over 55 years the state’s 66 conservation districts have served as leaders, addressing local natural resource concerns at the local level.