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Program & Services

For more information on any of these programs please contact the Conservation District Office at (570) 524-3860 or the District Manager at (570) 524-3861.

Dam Safety and Encroachment Act – Chapter 105 (Assist the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection with permit issuance for work in or near a stream or wetland)

Erosion and Sedimentation & National Pollution Discharge Elimination System – Chapter 102 (This program requires any earthmoving activities disturbing greater than 5,000 square feet to have an erosion control plan and may require a permit.)

Chesapeake Bay Program (A cooperative effort involving all of the jurisdictions in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed in the goal of reducing nutrient and sediment pollution.)

Nutrient Management Act 38 (The Nutrient Management Program establishes regulation and policy regarding nutrient management planning, plan review and plan approval requirements for Act 38 regulated farms (CAOs and CAFOs) and volunteer farms (VAOs) to protect watersheds in and around Pennsylvania.)

Ag-Land Preservation Program (Provide funding and oversight for the purchase of agricultural easements in order to protect farmland from development) Click here for board members and meeting information.

Dirt, Gravel and Low Volume Roads (program is designed to fund environmentally sound maintenance of unpaved municipal or low volume roadways that have been identified as sources of sediment pollution)

Watershed Groups (support watershed association development and projects with organizational and technical assistance)

Environmental Education (offers programs for teachers, students and the community on environmental issues)

Equipment Rental (This program makes agricultural equipment available to producers in order to promote better conservation practices.)

10 ft. Haybuster No-Till drill
Pik Rite 795 variable rate manure spreader
No-Til Vegetable Transplanter

Conservation Planning and Management (Provides landowners with resource management plans and recommendations)

Internships (Internships are offered periodically by the District. Contact district manager for more information.)